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About Me

Hi there friends!
Thanks for coming by to check out all that we have to offer here at Sand + Clay. If you're ever curious about who is the hands behind the work, that's me. Amanda.
I am the creator and owner behind Sand + Clay. There are also a whole host of people standing behind me helping me run this business. You are one of them. I seriously couldn't do this without any of you. I started making clay earrings in late 2018. I wanted a pair of earrings that somebody was no longer making and decided, I'll make a pair of earrings I really want for myself. It all snowballed from there.
A few months later I had too many pairs of earrings to keep myself. My friends kept asking to buy them and pushing me to share them with others. Thus was born, Sand + Clay. From the girl who claimed not to have a creative bone in her body I am constantly being pushed to create and it brings me an immense amount of joy to see the beauty that can come from a block of clay.
My hope is that whenever you put on a pair of earrings you will feel good because you look good and you'll be compelled to do good. It might be asking a lot from just a pair of earrings but I'll keep praying for it.
Thank you my friend,